Mono Headphone with Straight 3.5mm Plug and 6-foot Cord

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Mono Headphones • Part No. M-103A

  • These reasonably priced mono headphones deliver high quality monaural sound to both ears
  • The M-103A headphones have a 3.5mm mono straight-style 2-conductor male plug (with a single-black band)
  • The headphone earpieces are fixed and will not swivel or fold flat
  • The M-103A headphones are commonly used as replacement headphones for cassette players, TV's, AM/FM radios and audio devices that accept a 3.5mm 2-conductor plug

The Part No. M-103A Mono Headphones are Individually Packaged in Sealed Plastic Bags

  • Yes, it is very hard to find Mono Headphones these days and it is lucky for you that we do maintain a very good stock of Mono Earphones and Headphones that are ready for immediate shipment
  • The headphones are reasonably priced and the price decreases based on the quantity being purchased.
  • Although they are reasonably priced, that does not necessarily mean that they are to be considered disposable headphones
  • They are well made and the electromagnetic circuit utilizes a rare earth magnet to produce the exceptional audio quality
  • Each of the headphones are individually bagged in a sealed poly bag to keep them fresh and clean prior to use, and the Mono headphones are bundled in groups of 25 headphones per bundle
  • The foam earpad cushions may be easily removed and replaced using our 50mm size replacement foam earpads (Part number F-30); The replacement foam earpads makes it possible for repeated use by multiple individuals who might share the same headphones over and over in a clean, hygienic way
  • The headphones can be refreshed with new 50mm Foam Earpads, or you can choose to use the Small Size Disposable Headphone Covers (part no. SS-3-100) to make it economical to replace the disposable strech headphone covers for each of the users
  • The M-103A headphones are compatible with most portable electronic devices, such as cassette players, portable TV's, AM/FM radios, hearing assist devices and language translation equipment
  • The 6-foot cord is equipped with a miniature two conductor Mono 1/8-inch (3.5mm) male plug
  • Great for hospital televisions and audio-visual labs, translation equipment, portable wireless hearing assist devices and wireless receivers used for tour groups, all of which require a Mono headphone
  • These mono headphones are well made, and will stand up to repeated use on an ongoing basis
  • The headphone earpads may be replaced to recycle the headphones and refresh them for multiple users - We suggest using our F-30 Foam Earpads, 50mm size
  • Our original M-103 headphones folded flat and had a 90-degree angled plug. These M-103A earpieces do not fold flat and the M-103A have a straight mono plug.

What is the Difference Between Mono and Stereo Plugs and the Resulting Audio?

Difference Between Mono and Stereo Plugs

  • The most obvious difference can be seen when looking at the audio plug
    • Stereo plugs have three conductors (tip, ring and sleeve) with two black insulators between the tip, ring and sleeve on the male audio plug.
    • A 3-conductor stereo plug is often referred to as a "TRS" type of plug, where TRS is an abbreviation for TIP, RING, SLEEVE.
    • Mono Plugs have two conductors with one black insulator between the tip and the sleeve, so technically speaking, the plug would be a "TS Plug" for Tip, Sleeve
    • Usually, the sleeve is the "common" or "ground" connection
  • If you plug a 2-conductor male plug (mono headphone) into a 3-conductor (stereo) jack, you will only hear sound coming from one ear. The illustration below shows that plugging a mono headphone into a stereo jack results in the Right Audio channel of your stereo system being shorted to Ground, resulting in your only hearing sound from the Left audio channel.

Mono Plug in a Stereo Jack

  • If you pull the plug out slightly to where the black band is between the Right channel and the Ground, you might hear sound in both ears that is combined from the Left and Right channels
  • Stereo headphones are designed with a Left channel and a Right channel so that you can hear different audio in each ear (i.e. drums and woodwinds in the Left ear and the Brass and String Instruments in the Right ear)
  • Mono headphones have identical audio going to both ears
  • Stereo audio gives a feeling of multidimensional sound as your brain percieves that you are between the Left and Right audio channels
  • The Stereo sound makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the band or orchestra, surrounded by the musicians you are hearing
  • Most MP3 players, DVD players, TV's and computers use stereo sound and reproduce the positioning of the microphones in relationship to the instruments and vocalists that are performing
  • Many portable electronic devices with a single speaker use Mono sound (i.e. assisted listening devices, translation equipment, walkie talkies, transcription equipment etc.)
  • The most obvious difference can be seen when looking at the male plug
  • Stereo Plugs have three conductors on the plug, and Mono Plugs have only two conductors
  • If you plug a stereo headphone into a mono jack, you will probably only hear sound from the Left side of the headphone because the two conductors inside the mono jack will only come into contact with the tip and sleeve of the plug
  • Stereo headphones have a left channel and a right channel with different audio going to each ear
  • Mono headphones have the same audio going to both ears
  • Stereo audio gives a feeling of multidimensional sound that surrounds you
  • Stereo sounds like you you are right in the middle of the band or orchestra
  • Most MP3 Players, DVD Players and Computers use Stereo Sound
  • Many portable electronic devices with a single speaker use Mono sound (i.e. portable TV, transistor radio, tape recorder, portable speaker)
Cable Length
6 feet
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
32 Ohms
Sealed bag
Plug Type
Nickel-plated 3.5mm 2-Conductor Male Plug
Plug Style

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