Left-BUD-Gold Over-the-Ear Single-Ear Stereo Left Earbud (Black)

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Left-BUD-Gold Over-the-Ear Single-Ear Stereo Left Earbud (Black) • Part No. LBUD3

Left-BUD-Gold earphone is designed to stay put in the LEFT ear

  • The Left-BUD-Gold Earphone uses our 1-BUD® technology to electronically mix the left and right stereo channels into the Left earpiece
  • Excellent earbud for those who have difficulty keeping an earphone in their ear
  • Over-the-ear style earpiece is quite comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Quality stereo sound is combined and heard in the user's LEFT ear
  • Great earbud for workers, sports enthusiasts, bicyclists and those involved in physical activities
  • Our Gold-Series Earphones are designed to remain affordable while keeping an ear towards better performance, quality sound and durability

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Left-BUD-Gold Over-the-Ear Single-Ear Stereo Left Earbud (Black) • Part No. LBUD3

  • Left-BUD Gold earbud-style earphone combines the Right and Left stereo channels into an earbud that is fitted for the LEFT ear
  • Both stereo audio channels are mixed together electronically using our patented 1-BUD® circuit
  • The earphone is designed with a curved silicone rubber earpiece that wraps around the top and back of the ear, holding the earphone in place
  • The earpiece rests just inside the ear lobe without putting pressure down into the ear canal
  • This earbud earphone is well suited for those with a hearing loss and want an earphone specifically for their Left ear
  • Users with unilateral hearing loss will appreciate this earphone and the way that it is comfortably held in place
  • The Left-BUD design will allow you to hear nearby traffic, pedestrians and co-workers making this earbud "worker-safe"
  • Easy to position and fit over your ear so it can be worn by 7-year old children through adults, without worrying about the earpiece falling out
  • Perfect for persons who suffer from Unilateral Hearing Loss, Meniere's Disease, Single-Ear Deafness and Tinnitus
  • Well suited for individuals who have had an Acoustic Neuroma and now can only hear from one ear
  • Helpful for those with a hearing loss due to an accident or injury as well as those with congenital related hearing issues
  • The audio combined from the Right and Left stereo channels has been electronically mixed so all will be heard in the Left earpiece
  • The Left-BUD Gold Earphone has a male stereo 3.5mm gold-plated straight slim-style plug and comes with a protective plug cap
  • The earphone works with both stereo and mono audio devices using Scan Sound patented 1-BUD technology
  • Works with apple iPod® and most other MP3 players, CD players, DVD players, laptops, desktop computers, tape recorders, walkie talkies, tape recorders and audiophile stereo equipment
  • No more searching for clumsy stereo to mono conversion adapters, or having to figure out how to mix the right and left stereo channels using software
  • Great earphone for bicyclists, pedestrians, bikers, drivers, motorcycle riders, marathon runners and joggers who need to hear the traffic in one ear but don't want to sacrifice the stereo sound from both channels of their favorite stereo music player
  • Flexible non-slip design earphone offers a comfortable, snug fit 
  • Over-the-ear rubber earpiece • Designed for use with only the LEFT ear
  • Excellent for factory workers and security surveillance work

Left-Bud Gold Earphone Product Details

  • Product Weight: 0.4 ounces
  • Shipped in individually packaged poly bags
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm gold-plated stereo plug
  • Patented earphone technology enables the earphone to work with both stereo and mono audio equipment
  • Right and left stereo sound is mixed together into one earphone using a unique design
  • Cord Length: 37-inches long
  • Item model number: LBUD3

Left-Bud Gold Product Description

These Ear-hugger Earphones are ready for action! This product features a comfortable over-the-ear, non-slip soft rubber contoured attachment, which holds the earpiece in place in the Left ear. This earphone design is perfect for running, jogging, boating, hiking, camping, motorcycle rides, bicycling, spinning and dancing. The gold-plated plug on this earphone makes continuous contact, contributing to the great sound quality! The Left-Bud Gold earbud earphone can be comfortably worn for long periods and the soft rubber material is easily kept clean. The over-the-ear non-slip design makes this earphone a perfect companion for aerobic workouts while offering a secure comfortable fit during most physical activities, both indoors and outdoors. This earphone works well for those who must maintain one ear open for communicating or hearing those around them. It can even be worn comfortably while lying against a pillow while listening to audio books or talk radio. This earbud earphone will be your perfect companion when jogging, bicycling and actively participating in physical activities. If you are limited to hearing in the Left ear only, the Left-BUD Gold earphone will combine the stereo audio so that you hear the right and left stereo audio in the left ear.

This earphone is one of our Gold-Series line of earphones, with heavy-duty cord that will maintain its flexibility. The slim-style straight plug is designed to fit through narrow openings of various outer shell cases and the gold-plated plug will minimize oxidation when not in use and maximize contact when plugged into your favorite audio equipment. The silicone rubber earpiece parts and plastic materials are all hypoallergenic materials that are all latex free. The earpiece will fit comfortably inside the ear while maximizing the sound transfer. The Gold-Series earphones provide high-quality performance and they are a joy to use.

Cable Length
37-inch (94 cm)
Mono and Stereo
Cord Type
Round TPE
Driver Size
Left Ear
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
32 Ohms
Mid Range
15 dB
Reclosable bag
Plug Type
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Plating
Plug Style
Slim Straight
Contoured Over-the-Ear

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