80mm Size Leatherette Cushions

80mm Size Leatherette Headphone Cushion Replacements

  • The 80mm Leatherette Cushions typically measure 80mm (3 ⅛ inches) in diameter (edge to edge of original cushion)
  • The replacement leatherette cushions will have to stretch around earpieces that are slightly smaller than the 80mm size.
  • Check your earpieces, by removing the existing cushion and making a measurement of the diameter of your round earpiece.
  • If your earpiece is oval shaped, check the size horizontally and vertically, then average them by adding both measurements and divide by 2 to get the average diameter.
  • For the 80mm Leatherette Cushions to fit your earpiece, the diameter of the earpiece (or average diameter) must be between 70mm & 79mm (2 ¾ and 3 1/16 inches) in diameter.