Headphone Foam Ear Pads

The Following Table Will Identify the Foam Earpad to Fit Your Headphone


  • Using the above table, find your headphone earpiece diameter within the range of sizes of  Foam Earpads
    • EXAMPLE: if your earpiece is 2 inches in diameter, you look to see that "2 inches" can be found in the third row
    • It shows in the third row that the 60mm foam earpads would fit a 2-inch diameter headphone
  • In order to make a proper measurement for a replacement foam earpad, you need to remove your existing foam earpad to measure your earpiece diameter
  • You should be measuring the headphone earpiece, not your existing foam earpad
    • The sizes shown in the table are all based on stretching the foam around the earpiece, so you need to know the earpiece dimensions
    • The foam earpads have a lot more stretch than the leatherette cushions, so the tables are different

There are Three Primary Methods to Determine Your Headphone Earpiece Diameter

Before you begin, be sure to remove your existing foam earpad from the headset so you have access to the earpiece to accurately measure the earpiece size

  1. Circular Earpieces - measure the distance across the earpiece, from edge to edge
  2. Oval Earpieces - measure the height and width, then add earpiece width to the height, then divide by 2
    • (Height + Width) ÷ 2 =  Average Diameter
  3. Odd Shaped Earpieces - use a thin string, dental floss, shoe string or thin strip of paper and measure around the front of the earpiece  to get the circumference.
    • Using the circumference, divide by 3.14 (PI) to determine the average diameter.

Three Methods to Determine the Average Diameter of Your Earpiece

Choose the Foam Earpad on the Left Side of the Page that Matched Your Earpiece Size