Cable Clip for earphone and microphone cables, bag of 3

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Cable Clip for earphone and microphone cables, bag of 3 • Part No. CC-1013

  • These universal alligator cord clips are made of plastic and can easily be attached to wire and cords from earphones and microphones
  • These clothing clips can be used for cord management, by attaching the earphone cord to clothing
  • The cord clip is designed to prevent earphone loss and damage and to help the user freely move around without pulling on the cord
  • These cord clips can easily pay for themselves just by preventing damage to earphones that might be inadvertently broken as a result of getting caught on nearby objects while moving about

Cable Clip for earphone and microphone cables, bag of 3 • Part No. CC-1013

Molded plastic clothing clips for installation on earphone and microphone cords (Pack of 3) for cord management.

These earphone cord clips are easily installed on most earphone cords, thin lapel microphone cables and audio wire, to help hold the earphones cords against the user's clothing. The cord clip then is attached to the person's shirt or blouse by simply pinching the clip and then releasing it when it snaps onto fabric.

  • Can be used to attach your earphone or microphone wires to your lapel or button-down shirt, by snapping the clip to the fabric
  • Cord clip helps to prevent snagging your favorite earphone on nearby objects as you move around
  • Helps keep earphone/headset in place when driving so cord does not tangle or get caught while turning the steering wheel
  • Often, when an earphone gets caught or snags on something it can resulting in earphone damage
  • These clips can attach to almost any earphone or cellular phone cables to position your headset microphone for the best sound pick-up
  • These cord clips are also good for mini lapel microphones and will work with just about any small diameter cord
  • Multiple cord clips can hold a cord in place under clothing if you need to keep the wire or cord concealed from view
  • Compare the cost of a cable clip with the high cost of replacing your favorite earphone
  • Slip your earphone wire or cable into the clip holder and slide the alligator clip to the best position and it will hold when you let go
  • Attach the cable clip to your lapel or clothing to hold it in place so it remains protected
  • Use a cord clip to hold your ipod earphone in place while dancing, singing or entertaining an audience
  • Headphone wire clips can be inserted on lapel microphone wire, small size earphone cords and earpiece cables
  • Allows users to wear an earphone or microphone and move around while cord or wire stays pinned to clothing
  • Compatible with all the Scan Sound earphones
  • Works with most all iPod earphones and iPod earbud earphones

Hold Your Earphone Cord in Place as You are Walking, Running or Bicycling

  • Take the tension off so the cord is not pulling on your ears when you move about
  • Cord clip holds the earphone wire close to your body to prevent the cord from getting pinched
  • The cord clip prevents you from catching the wire on nearby objects as you move about
  • Get rid of noise that can reverberate up the cord into your ear, when your earphone wire is bumped
  • Helps to prevent the micro-phonic sound in your ear as your earphone cord rubs against clothing
  • Position the microphone/switch of your headset where you can operate your iphone or cellular phone
  • Use the cord clip to place the microphone in the best spot to speak clearly into the microphone
  • Can be comfortably clipped to shirts, T-shirts, shirt collar, uniforms, sweat-shirts, and jackets
  • Hold the cable in place and use 1 or 2 clips to conceal the earphone wiring
  • Prevent your favorite earphones from being easily broken or damaged
  • Prevent catches, pulls and snags by using a cable clip to hold the wire in place

Compare the low cost of a cable clip to the high cost of replacing your earphones

  • Keep the earpiece close to your ear and microphone close enough to pick up your voice
  • Position a clothing clip so that if the earphone falls out, it will not drop to the floor and break
  • Works well with earphones, headphones, small size microphones, headsets and security gear

These black plastic cord clips are made specifically to be used with earphones, headphones, headsets and microphones. The earphone or microphone cord slides under a tab on the alligator shaped plastic clip and becomes attached to the cord, allowing the clip to slide up or down the length of the cord as needed.  Optimally position the cord so that a microphone, for instance, is within the ideal distance from your mouth to pick up audio when speaking.   Multiple clips may be used on a single cable if the person wearing the earphone needs to dress the wire or cable in a specific direction so that the cord will flex but not pull away from the clothing as the person moves about.

These clothing clips also work well for those who want to wear an earphone and they need to keep the cord positioned in such a way that the cord stays put out of sight or the wire cord needs to be directed down a specific direction. In general, the cord clip is especially useful with earphones and microphones to keep the cord from snagging or getting caught as the person moves around nearby objects. In some cases, if the cord gets caught, it could cause the earphone to pull out of the person's ear, so the cord clip is very inexpensive insurance for an expensive earphone. The cord clip is especially helpful to those riding a bike, out for a jog or involved in extra curricular activities.

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