Right-BUD Over-The-Ear Single-Ear Stereo Right Earbud (Black)

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Right-BUD Over-the-Ear Single-Ear Stereo Right Earbud (Black) • Part No. RBUD2

  • This is our 2nd-generation Right-BUD (RBUD2), marked down and clearance priced with a 30-day replacement-only warranty
  • Here are the differences between our older RBUD2 and newer RBUD3 gold series earphones
    • RBUD2 has lightweight cord that can harden from perspiration whereas the RBUD3 cord is stronger and will always remain flexible
    • RBUD2 earphones have a 90-degree angled nickel-plated plug and the RBUD3 has a slim straight gold-plated plug
    • RBUD2 earphones come packaged in a store display blister pack and our newer RBUD3 is individually packaged in plastic bags
  • Many customers who had used the RBUD2 preffered the sound of the RBUD2 so we have continued to sell the RBUD2 until it runs out

Comparison Between RBUD2 and RBUD3 Earphones

Right-BUD Over-the-ear Single-Ear Stereo Right Earbud (black) • Part No. RBUD2

  • Right-BUD earbud style earphone is designed to combine left and right stereo sound 
  • Both stereo audio channels are mixed together into an earpiece that is made to fit the right ear
  • The earphone has a curved rubber ear holder that wraps around the top of the ear to hold the earphone in place
  • This earphone will naturally be held in place so comfortably, that you won't really feel any pressure from the earpiece
  • The earphone is designed to rest just inside the ear lobe and will not block out nearby sounds of pedestrians and vehicles so earphone users can remain safe and aware of co-workers and nearby activities
  • This earbud earphone is well suited for those with a hearing loss in the left ear
  • Perfect for person who suffer from unilateral hearing loss, meniere's disease, single-ear deafness and tinnitus
  • Perfect for individuals who have had an acoustic neuroma and now can only hear from one ear
  • Perfect for those with a hearing loss due to an accident or injury as well as those with congenital related hearing issues
  • The mixed audio combined from the left and right stereo channels has been mixed so all will be heard in the right earpiece
  • This RBUD2 Earphone has a male stereo 3.5mm nickel-plated plug and the earphone works with both stereo and mono audio devices
  • Works with Apple iPod and most other MP3 players, CD players, DVD players, laptops, desktop computers, tape recorders, walkie talkies, tape recorders and audiophile stereo equipment
  • No more searching for clumsy stereo to mono conversion adapters, or having to figure out how to mix the left and right stereo channels using software
  • Flexible non-slip design earphone offers a comfortable, snug fit 
  • Over the ear rubber earpiece that contains no latex

CLICK HERE to View/Downlaod printable RBUD2 product information

Right-Bud Earphone Product Details

  • Product Weight: 0.4 ounces
  • Shipped in Individually Packaged Poly Bags
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm Nickel Plated Stereo Plug
  • Patented Earphone Technology : Earphone Works with Both Stereo and Mono Audio Equipment
  • Left and Right Stereo Sound is Mixed Together into One Earphone Using a Unique Design
  • Cord Length: 37-inches long
  • Part Number: LBUD2

Right-Bud Product Description

These Ear-hugger Earphones feature a comfortable over-the-ear, non-slip soft rubber contoured flexible earpiece that will hold the earpiece in place in the right ear. The Right-Bud earbud earphone can be comfortably worn for long periods and the soft rubber is easily kept clean. This earphone works well for those who must maintain one ear open for communicating or hearing those around them. If you are limited to hearing in the right ear only, the Right-BUD earphone will combine the stereo audio so that you hear the left and right stereo audio in the right ear.

Cable Length
37-inch (94 cm)
Mono and Stereo
Cord Type
Round PVC
Driver Size
Right Ear
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
32 Ohms
Mid Range
15 dB
Display box
Plug Type
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Plating
Plug Style
90-Degree Angle
On-Ear Headphone

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