Medium Size Sanitary Disposable Covers for Podium Microphones, BLACK

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Sanitary Stretchable Microphone Covers (Black), Bag of 100 - Part No. SS-4B-100-Black

  • These sanitary disposable covers are BLACK color and they will fit onto entertainment microphones that are between 1 to 3 inches in diameter
  • Similar to the Hygenics microphone covers, and we have them in stock and they are available for immediate shipment
  • Help protect microphone users from germs, bacteria, influenza and the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak
  • Sold in re-closable bags of 100 individual stretchable covers, black color

Sanitary Stretchable Microphone Covers (Black), Bag of 100 - Part No. SS-4B-100-Black

  • Our Medium Size Headphone Covers fit onto most podium microphones that are 1 to 2 inches in diameter
  • Relaxed size of cover (flat) is about 3 inches, and inside opening (flat) is about 1 inch
  • These will stretch up to 3 inches in diameter, making them very well suited for most hand-held microphones and entertainment microphones
  • Great for entertainment microphones that are mounted on microphone stands, used for city council meetings, courthouse proceedings, business, journalism and the entertainment industry
  • Helps to keep microphones free of germs, bacteria and the Covid-19 Coronavirus, and they can be used and then thrown out, so they will keep contagion from being spread to other microphone users
  • The material used to make these covers is spunbond polypropylene, which is similar to what is used to create wet wipes and the elastic stretch material is safe because the covers are totally latex free
  • These are quite similar to the Hygenics brand of microphone covers, and we have them in stock, available for immediate shipment
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page to download the specifications sheet
Country of Manufacture
Non Woven Polypropylene
100 per bag

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