Beats Headphone Leather Cushions

Replacement Leather Cushions for Beats Headphones

We stock the real leather Beats headphone replacement cushions that are identical to the original Beats headphones that are mounted onto the snap clips that are built into the Beats headphones. Yes, they are made from real animal Leather, however we don't condone the killing of any animals to use their skin. If and when there are synthetic substitute leatherette cushions available, we will be stocking those as replacements in the future.

Most have found out that their headphones will age, and over time the leather and synthetic leather types of cushions all will begin to dry out. The companies that market the headphones are often not the companies that make the headphones, so as a result, they don't stock replacement parts. They would prefer to sell you a new pair of headphones, of course, so they rarely will even help you to find replacement leather cushions for your existing headphones.

We have many different headphone accessories, including the replacement headphone cushions and earpads, and we are a family run company that stocks all our products in the United States.

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