CordShrink Cord Shortener for iPod Nano

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CordShrink Cord Shortener for iPod Nano • Part No. CRDSHRNK

CordShrink cord shortener for iPod® Nano
An Apple® iPod Nano Earphone Cord Management System

  • The CordShrink cord management system is only compatible with the new iPod nano sixth generation (small square model)
  • You will find this to be a wonderful cord organizing solution and an excellent gift for anyone with a sixth generation iPod Nano

CordShrink Cord Shortener for iPod Nano • Part No. CRDSHRNK

A simple solution for managing the earphone cord on your Apple iPod® Nano®.

Just slide on the soft square translucent CordShrink onto the back of your iPod Nano and then simply wind up the excess cord. Clip the Nano onto your clothing and your off and running.

When you view the newest Apple iPod Nano, you will see that it is quite small and it easily clips onto your clothing. This wonderful gadget shortens the cord so you can jog, bicycle or work-out without worrying about your earphone cord getting in the way. Just slip the soft rubber CordShrink right on the back of the iPod Nano Sixth Generation (square) back, wind up the excess cord and you'll be ready to go running, bicycling or exercising with your favorite earphones.

The CordShrink will keep your earphone cord from flying around as you run. It will also help your earphones from getting caught on things as you move around. Best of all, it will enable you to neatly tuck away the excess cord so your small iPod Nano houses the cord in a very neat and organized way.

This is a great gadget for streamlining the earphone cord, however it is only compatible with the newest Apple iPod Nano Sixth Generation iPod. The Sixth Generation Nano has attractive small square casing and comes with a handy clip on the back, making it very easy to attach to your clothing. When you compare the Nano to the earphones you will quickly realize that the cord length of the accompanying earphone is quite long. Now, you can now easily manage the excess cord by winding it up around the new CordShrink cord management device, so that the extra cord is out of the way and less likely to catch on your bicycle, clothing or nearby exercise equipment.

This is an item that seems like it should have been incorporated right into the Nano in the first place. The fit is perfect and now you can neatly conceal the excess cord right behind the little iPod Nano so it is out of the way.

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