Earphone and Earbud Cord Management

Earphone and Earbud Cord Management


  • Use with most any earphone to keep the cord attached to clothing
  • Helps to prevent cord snag, and lessens the possibility of damage of an earphone
  • Prevent your headset earphone from being caught on a steering wheel, door knob, railing or nearby object
  • Cord Clip often used with cell phone earphones to position the mike portion of the cord for best voice pick-up
  • May be also used with lavaliere microphones and lapel mikes as a supplemental clothing clip
  • Buy numerous clips to attach the cable to several locations on your clothing (or inside clothing)
  • Alligator style cord clip is a spring loaded plastic clothing clip
  • Works with many small types of wires, for earphones, microphones, headsets, hearing assist devices and more

CORD SHRINK Cord Shortener for iPod Nano

  • Special item made just for the iPod Nano to easily store an excess length of cord right on your Apple iPod
  • The iPod Nano clips to clothing and allows users to wrap-up the earphone cord to keep it as short as possible
  • Great item for Runners and Joggers to protect their earphoness and earbuds

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