Stretchable Microphone Covers, Black, 2 per Bag

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Stretchable Microphone Covers, Black, 2 per Bag • Part No. KTVMIC-BLK

  • Each bag contains 2 BLACK disposable microphone covers for use on broadcast microphones, handheld mikes and podium style microphones
  • The microphone covers will easily stretch from 1 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter to fit onto most all types of handheld broadcast microphones
  • The BLACK color looks natural on the microphones and they will protect the public from the spread of contagious viruses, such as Covid-19, influenza and the novel Coronavirus
  • Microphone covers will not block any audio and easily fit onto microphones up to 2 ½ inches in diameter

Stretchable Microphone Covers, Black, 2 per Bag • Part No. KTVMIC-BLK

  • The thin cloth material can be used on microphones and will allow the sound to clearly pass through
  • These microphone covers are black colored and they will stretch up to 3 inches to fit most podium and broadcast style microphones
  • Each bag contains 2 individual disposable covers and each can be easily installed and removed
  • Each cover provides protection to limit the spread of viruses such as influenza and the novel Covid-19 Coronavirus
  • Moisture droplets will land on the outer part of the material, and the covers can be disposed of later to provide a protective layer over the microphone
  • There are 2 Black colored disposable microphone covers in each sealed bag
  • The covers are made from hypoallergenic non-woven polypropylene and are latex free
  • Will also protect microphones from the elements, such as light rain, salt, dust and wind blown sand
  • Each time the microphone cover is replaced, you are providing a new protective layer over the microphone
  • These covers can be used to cover many kinds of products and the black color stands looks natural on most microphones
  • These covers can be used in clean rooms to protect lenses from dust

These covers are made from material that is very similar to cloth. They are made from spun bond polypropylene, which is a synthetic type of fabric commonly used for surgical face masks, surgical garb and many wet wipes. The covers are very easy to install and remove.

Country of Manufacture
Non Woven Polypropylene
2 per bag
0 to 3 inches (0 to 7.6cm)

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