Stretchable Microphone Covers, 1 Yellow and 1 Red per Bag

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Stretchable Microphone Covers, 1 Yellow and 1 Red per Bag • Part No. KTVMIC-YELRED

  • Each bag contains 1 Yellow and 1 Red disposable microphone cover for use on broadcast microphones, handheld mikes and podium style microphones
  • The microphone covers are large enough to fit onto most all types of handheld broadcast microphones and they are ideal for Karaoke microphones
  • You can easily remove these disposable covers and discard the germs that have collected from spittle and spray that may have landed on the mike cover, hellping to protect users from repeatedly coming into contact with a microphone that might otherwise be covered with germs
  • The YELLOW and RED color stand out to effectively show that you are protecting the public from the spread of contagious viruses, such as influenza and the Covid-19 novel Coronavirus
  • Microphone covers will not block any audio and easily fit onto microphones up to 2 ½ inches in diameter

Stretchable Microphone Covers, 1 Yellow and 1 Red per Bag • Part No. KTVMIC-YELRED

  • The thin cloth material can be used on microphones and will allow the sound to clearly pass through
  • These microphone covers should fit most handheld broadcast microphones as well as podium microphones
  • These disposable covers are easily installed and removed
  • They provide protection for users from spreading contagious germs such as the flu and the novel Covid-19 Coronavirus
  • There are 2 Microphone Covers in each sealed package; 1 Red and 1 Yellow Colored Stretchable Cover
  • The covers are made from non-woven polypropylene and do not contain any latex, so they are totally hypoallergenic
  • Will also protect microphones from the elements, such as light rain, salt, dust and wind blown sand
  • The RED and YELLOW color covers will stand out, and users will recognize that they are protecting users with a clean and fresh microphone cover
  • These covers can be used to cover many different items, and the red color stands out to let everyone see that the covers are in place and can be removed after use
  • They can be used as clean room dust covers for lenses, product samples and small items, stretching 1 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter
  • Our Medium Size Headphone Covers are very similar in size to these microphone covers. You can purchase a bag of 100 covers at $17.00 per bag, and save money
Yellow & Red
Country of Manufacture
Non Woven Polypropylene
2 per bag
1 to 2 1/2 inches

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