Economical stereo earbuds w/ 3 ft 7 inch cord and straight plug

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Economical Stereo Earbuds w/ 3 ft 7 Inch Cord and Straight Plug • Part No. MJ-050-3A

  • Stereo earbud is compatible with nearly all devices that have a standard stereo jack, such as laptops and mp3 players
  • Attractive earbud earphones with 3-foot long cord and slim straight 3.5mm 3-conductor male plug
  • Exceptional sound quality earphones, rugged cord made for use with all kinds of audio equipment
  • Discount tiered pricing available when buying in larger quantities

Economical Stereo Earbuds w/ 3 ft 7 Inch Cord and Straight Plug • Part No. MJ-050-3A

These stereo earbuds are ideally suited for all stereo audio devices, including mp3 players

  • Economical white and grey earbud style in ear headphones
  • Gold-plated plug is made to minimize oxidization and maximize audio connectivity
  • Compatible with replacement foam earpads, Part No. D-10 to enable hygienic sharing of earbuds
  • Compatible with portable electronic devices, such as DVD players, CD-players, mp3 players, computers, laptops, FM stereo systems, portable XM-satellite devices, fitness equipment
  • Many customers order these for their lifetime fitness equipment and other exercise machines that have a built-in stereo TV and entertainment system
  • Attractive design is made with rubberized cord and flexible strain relief on the gold coated 3-conductor plug
  • These low priced earphones sound great and have attractive design
  • All plastic exterior shell with rubberized cord and flexible strain relief on the gold plated 3-conductor plug
  • These inexpensive earphones were made for relaxation spas that allow the users to take the earphones home as a give-away earphone
  • They are also often used by hotels for in-room gaming devices and fitness room equipment
  • Although they are quite inexpensive, they deliver high-quality sound and users will appreciate the rugged, flexible cord 
  • The sound quality is significantly better than any earphones you will find in this price range - a surprising value
  • These earphones have a flat button-face earpiece that rests comfortably in the ear - no rubber ear tips
  • Style of earphone is similar to the original iPod earphones, iPad earphones and iPhone wired earphones
  • Brand new, individually packaged and immediately available in large quantities to fill large orders with discounted pricing
  • • Three conductor gold-plated stereo plug (minimizes oxidization and maximizes connectivity)
  • • 3-conductor sub-miniature 1/8-in stereo male plug
  • Slim profile diameter plug fits into recessed and narrow plug jack openings
  • Speaker impedance: 32ohm±15%
  • Speaker sensitivity: 82dB±3dB
  • Speaker frequency response: 20-20,000Hz
  • Maximum power input: 10mw
  • Cord Length: 3 foot 7 inch Cord 1.2 meters
  • This earphone is completely Latex free
Cable Length
43 in (1.09 m)
White, Grey Trim
All Stereo Products
Cord Type
Round PVC
Driver Size
Left and Right Ear
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
16 Ohms
Mid Range
15 dB
Plastic bag
Plug Type
3.5mm, 3-Cond
Plug Plating
Plug Style
Slim Straight
Flat Button-Style

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