4-inch Audio Ext Cable, 3.5mm 3-Cond Male-to-Female 10cm Long

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Audio Extension 4-inch Cable, 3.5mm 3-Conductor Male-to-Female, 10cm Long • Part No. EXT-10

Stereo 3.5mm slim-profile 3.5mm 3-conductor straight male plug to female 3.5 mm audio jack

  • Fits through small hole opening of many external cases to reach most jacks
  • Help extend your earphone or headphone to reach a little bit longer distance
  • This extender cable can be inexpensively replaced so it is better for this audio extension to take the wear and punishment of repetitive plugging in and out of earphone or headphone plugs instead of the audio jack built into your audio equipment
  • Small diameter male plug will fit into recessed jacks and very small diameter case openings

Audio Extension Cable, 3.5mm Male-to-Female TRS 4 inch (10cm) Long • Part No. EXT-10

  • 4-inch long audio cable with slim-style stereo 3.5mm male 3-conductor stereo plug to 3.5mm female jack
  • Earphone extension cord enables cord to reach 4 inches and fit through a very narrow opening
  • Can be used as a short headphone or earphone extension cable
  • Use this short extension cable to fit through an exterior cell carring cases and into recessed jacks that are about 17/64 inch (about 1/4" in size)
  • It is cheap insurance to use this audio extension cord to prevent wear-and-tear on your audio jack from frequent insertion and removal of headphone or earphone audio plugs
  • Helps to take the strain off your earphone plug by adding some flexibility to the cable and plug of your favorite headphone or earphone

These extension cables were made to provide an added 4-inches of cable length to an existing stereo cable for a major audio company. The item actually sold well enough that we decided to add it to our product line.  Some people just needed a slim profile extension that would allow them to connect different audio equipment together, without having to worry about fitting through the equipment case cover.

This short extension cable can take some punishment and abuse instead of having it put the strain on your favorite earphone or other audio equipment. The price is low enough that you can afford to replace it when needed, rather than have your very expensive gear take all the abuse and punishment. 

It was also designed to fit through the equipment case shells that surround various an audio devices, such as cell phones and tablets.

If you will frequently be connecting and disconnecting a headphone, earphone or some other accessory item and wish to prevent wear-and-tear on the jack of the product you are plugging into, this short extension cable will help to minimize damage to your plug and jack combination.

This EXT-10 short extension can be used with most 3.5mm male stereo plugs (1/8' diameter) that won't fit through narrow opening carrying cases or into a recessed jack. The EXT-10 is perfect for stereo devices that accept a 3-conductor plug and for those needing a similar cable made to fit 4-conductor jacks, we recommend the AEC4 which can be found online here. The AEC4 is often used with cell phones that have a very small hole in their exterior carrying case.

Cable Length
4 inches (10 cm)
Jack Type
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Type
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Plating
Plug Style
Slim Straight
  • Mary B

    11th Oct 2020


    This extension cable was the answer to the problem of my L-shaped earphone jack not making tight contact with my clip-case-covered iPod. Without it, I would have had to ditch my favorite earphones or my iPod clip-case (it stays in place unlike any other), neither of which I cared to do. Thank you, Scan Sound for coming through with a good solution and great product.

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