3ft 3in Audio Ext Cable, 3.5mm 3-Cond Male-to-Female 1 Meter Long

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3ft 3in Audio Extension Cable, 3.5mm 3-Cond Male-to-Female is 1 Meter Long • Part No. Ex-100

  • Use this as a headphone extension cable to reach the audio jack that might be hard to reach, like the one on the back of your computer
  • You can also use an audio extension cable so that many users plugging in earphones and headphones repetitively will not be damaging the jack on expensive audio/video equipment and instead, let them wear out the jack on an easily replaced inexpensive cord
  • The audio extension cord has a 3.5mm female jack on one end and a male 3.5mm audio plug on the opposite end to reach a distant audio source for your headphones or other equipment
  • Audio extension cord is 3-foot 3-inch long and will act as an extender cord for all kinds of audio devices
  • Our audio extension cables are compatible with stereo and mono headphones and earphones, including iPod® MP3 players, bookshelf speakers, laptop audio, computer speakers and most audio products
  • This 3.5mm audio extension cable can extend the cord reach from the headphone located near your bed or easy chair across the room to a TV set or iPad tablet
  • Maybe you might want to listen to audio while lying in bed, and you need to reach your TV for private listening or an Internet connected device so you can hear a podcast or your police scanner
  • Perhaps you might want an audio extension to listen to audible books or watch sports without disturbing others
  • You might need an audio extension cable for amplified bookshelf speakers that are connected to your desktop computer so that you can listen to Pandora or Amazon Prime Audio from your Alexa enabled account

This Audio Extension Cable is 3 feet 3 inches, Which is 1 Meter • Part No. EX-100

Lengthen your Earphones or Headphones with an Audio Extension Cable

  • This audio extension cable is 1 meter long; That is the same as 3 feet 3 inches long
  • Due to the way the plugs mate with the jack, you probably can use the same cable with either stereo or mono audio devices and products
  • These audio extnsion cables have a 3.5mm male 3-conductor stereo plug on one end and 3.5mm stereo 3-conductor female jack on the other end
  • This cord will easily extend a desktop computer rear audio jack up to reach your desktop

Here is Some Helpful Information with a Comparison Between 2.5mm (3/32-inch) and 3.5mm (⅛-inch) Plugs and Jacks.

  • A Plug usually referrs to the Male Connector
  • A Jack or Receptacle is usually reffered to as the Female Connector

Comparison Between 2.5mm and 3.5mm Audio Plugs

2.5mm Sub-Miniature Plugs and Jacks

  • A 2.5mm male plug and female jack will be often be referred to as a "sub-miniature" male plug or sub-miniature female jack
  • The 2.5mm male plug may be used on some Motorola Cell Phones, and on home/office landline type of telephones
  • Some walkie talkies use a 2.5mm external microphone or speaker

3.5mm Miniature Plugs and Jacks

  • A 3.5mm male plug and female jack are often referred to as a 1/8-inch male plug or female jack.
  • A 3.5mm male plug and female jack may also be referred to as a "miniature"  or "mini" male plug or mini female jack
  • A 3.5mm plug will usually be used with computers (green audio output and red microphone input), iPod, MP-3 players, headphones, earphones and extension speakers
  • The 3.5mm jacks are generally found on desktop computer audio cards and on laptop computers for the speaker sound, microphone audio
  • The 3.5mm jacks and plugs are frequently used on stereo audio devices, such as MP3 players, radios, stereo sound systems, Tablets, bookshelf speakers, Television sets, headphones, earphones
  • Our 3.5mm Audio Extension Cables can be used to extend a computer's red microphone jack or green audio output jack to the desktop for students to use headphones or earphones
  • You can also buy 2 audio extension cables and connect them together to create one longer cable, however you might find that it is better to use one longer extension cord
Cable Length
3 feet 3 inches (1 Meter)
Plug Type
3.5mm 3-Cond Stereo
Plug Plating
Plug Style

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