Active Fit Stereo Earphones

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Active Fit Stereo Earphones • Part No. AF-S

Unique Design Enables the Earphone Cord Lasso Around the Ear and Hold Earphone in Place

  • Great for running, jogging, bicycling, dancing, hiking, camping
  • Hands-free wired communication with most smart phones and mobile devices
  • Connects with the standard 3.5mm stereo audio jack found on most MP3 players, smart phones and cell phones
  • Great earphone for those who have trouble keeping an earphone in their ear

Active Fit Stereo Earphones • Part No. AF-S

Cord Lasso's Around the Ear to Hold Earphones in Place

Works with iPad, iPod, most Cell Phones, MP3 Players and iPhone models (except the iPhone 7 which has no earphone jack)

Enjoy great quality sound with these Active-Fit stereo earphones. The cord actually wraps around the ear to cinch tight and keep the earphones from falling out. The button-shape design enables users to listen to the music while remaining aware of surrounding traffic, pedestrians and vehicles;  You can remain safe while enjoying your music and phone conversations.

  • Earphone with microphone compatible with iPhone and most cellular phones acting as a earphone headset
  • Works equally well with most MP3 Players, CD Players, DVD Players as well as Cell Phones
  • Enjoy rich stereo sound and switch to take and make phone calls with amazing sound clarity
  • Callers will hear your voice very clearly and you will enjoy the overall quality of music as well as cellular communications
  • Listen to your favorite music and click a button to pause the music or take an incoming phone call
  • Earphone cord can come apart from the 42-inch extension clip/microphone unit
    • 42-inch extension can be used with cell phones and smart phones to make and take telephone calls
    • Built-in 3.5mm strereo female jack accepts 3.5mm plug of most earphones you may own, so that you can communicate through the microphone
    • Integrated push-button switch allows you to answer calls or pause/play music on many cell phones and MP3 players
    • 18-inch short cord earphone can be used separately with clip-on MP3 players, making it perfect tor the Sansa Clip, iPod Nano and shirt pocket audio devices
  • Earphones stay put as you move around
  • Enjoy the Earphones when going out for a run, biking or walking
  • The cord lasso's around the top of the ear to cinch the cord tight to hold the earphone in your ear.
  • Button shape design enables you to hear surrounding activities without totally blocking out nearby sounds
    • Remain safe as you maintain keep in touch with nearby traffic and pedestrians
  • Active-Fit earphones are packaged with a drawstring-type carrying pouch and spare foam earpads

For those wanting to listen to music using their iPhone or Droid, you can easily hear music and then switch the button to take incoming phone calls with ease. The unit comes with a cord clip extension that contains a push-button switch and microphone. This extension may be used with virtually any set of stereo earbuds or earphones to facilitate cellular phone communications. Just plug your earphone into the extension jack and clip it onto a shirt collar, and you're ready to go.

The stereo earphone part of the unit can be unplugged from the extension if you want to enjoy music with a short cord that goes from your stereo earphones to a clip on MP3 player, such as the Sansa Clip or iPod Nano or Shuffle MP3 Players. The Extension Cable (included) has a built-in microphone that enables you to converse via a cell phone with amazing clarity. The wired microphone that can be easily positioned for optimal sound pick-up. The 3.5mm 4-conductor male plug will enable the earphone extension to be used with any stereo jack, whether you have a cellular phone or audio player.

NOTE: This earphone will not plug into an iPhone 7, because the iPhone 7 has no 3.5mm audio jack

Cable Length
2-Piece Cord, 18-inch Stereo Cord w/42-inch extension
Orange and Blue
All Stereo Products
Cord Type
Clear PVC
Driver Size
Carrying Pouch
Both Ears
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz
32 Ohms
Mid Range
15 dB
Hanging display bag
Plug Type
3.5mm, 4-Cond
Plug Plating
Plug Style
90-Degree Angle
Lasso Cord

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